Text Price Check

Have you ever been in a store about to buy item and asking yourself wether you could find that same item cheaper? Do you have a friend selling you an item on the fly and not sure if you would be overpaying for it or not? With TxtPriceCheck, you will know what is the lowest price you can get your item for elsewhere!

Compare Price

Now you check the price of any item with a UPC using your phone by SMS. No internet required, you will get the best price available on the market for your item instantly.

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How it works:

Text any UPC number to (754) 551-7827 and we will text you back the best available price on the market!

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What's a UPC Number?

The UPC (Universal Product Code) is a 12 digit number that uniquely identify trade items. It is found on bottom of the barcode of a product.

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